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Brazilian Butt Lift

The 4 Biggest Advantages of Brazilian Butt Lifts

The 4 Biggest Advantages of Brazilian Butt Lifts

Brazilian Butt Lifts are the talk of the cosmetic surgery industry right now, and it’s no wonder. These procedures offer all of the benefits of more traditional augmentation procedures, as well as some advantages all of their own. Read on for the Brazilian Butt Lift’s four biggest selling points: Rather than implanting bulky silicone bags, a Brazilian Butt Lift injects some of your own living fat cells (previously harvested from a different “donor” area of… 

Brazilian Butt Lift Candidates, Procedure, Recovery, Costs

Brazilian Butt Lift: Candidates, Procedure, Recovery, Costs

The Brazilian butt lift has become incredibly popular in recent years. Though many women believe that the procedure was developed to give women a bigger rear end, in actuality, what has fueled its popularity is not its ability to increase the size of the buttocks. Rather, the Brazilian butt lift has become popular because it makes the buttocks appear more youthful and perkier. By using liposuction around the buttocks to provide more definition in this…