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The Pelvic Floor Muscle Toner Kegel Exerciser uses NMES, which stands for neuromuscular electrical stimulation. With NMES, an electrical impulse or signal is used to make a muscle contract. It is often used in devices that are made to treat urinary incontinence. It is made to help weak bladders and improve muscle strength.

The device is a muscle stimulator that sends a gentle electrical current (similar to your natural nerve impulses) to the muscles being treated via two or four autoadhesive electrode pads, in order to help you to firm and tone your body, and to maintain your youthful appearance. The breast is reactivated by low-frequency electrical stimulation. Achieve a good body effect.

What is an exerciser for the pelvic floor?

Similar to transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), an NMES pelvic floor exercising device uses low voltage electrical impulses to reach nerves. Electrical stimulation, like TENS, can be used to change pain by sending signals to nerves. NMES, on the other hand, can be used to send signals to nerves and muscles to make them contract. NMES is often used to make muscles stronger, retrain them, and keep them from shrinking.

How do pelvic toning machines work?

A Pelvifine530 NMES Pelvic Floor Toner works by sending electrical pulses or signals to specific areas of your pelvic area where your muscles are weak. This makes the muscles contract and relax. Your Pelvifine530 pelvic floor device makes the electrical pulses and sends them through either an internal or an external electrode. The electrical pulses look like the signal that tells the muscles to tighten.

What is electromyography biofeedback of the pelvic floor surface (EMG)?

Pelvic floor recorded electrical biofeedback is a series of steps used to diagnose and treat pelvic floor muscle activity. These steps involve using electronic devices to convert an electromyographic signal into an auditory, visual, or digital signal, processing the signal, and giving “feedback” to the patient. This helps the patient learn how to control nerve/muscle activity and self-discipline nerve activity, adjust and maintain pelvic floor muscle group support, and sonourethrography.

 membranous closure and how it works sexually.

Using biofeedback technology, biological engineering technology, and the bioinformatics principle, a thorough evaluation of a patient’s pelvic floor muscle function is used to choose a personalized treatment plan, increase blood flow to the pelvis, strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, relieve muscle spasms, correct the way muscles move, and help the patient get back to normal pelvic nerve muscle function as soon as possible.

 Who can use a pelvic floor electric toner?

This pelvic floor exerciser from Pelvifine530 is small, but it works well and can help with a number of problems related to the pelvic floor. If you have any of the following problems, a Pelvifine530 pelvic floor toning device may help you feel better:

  •  Bladder weakness
  • Problems with urination
  • Faecal incontinence
  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Not feeling close to someone
  • Pelvic pain
  • Erectile difficulty
  • Weak muscles in the pelvic floor

Before using a Pelvifine530 pelvic floor exerciser, you should talk to a doctor or nurse if you have a health problem. NMES is safe to use, and every device comes with a full set of instructions and a manual.


NMES sends electrical impulses directly to the muscles in your pelvic floor, making them contract and relax. This makes the muscles stronger. Using a Pelvifine530 electronic pelvic toner for exercise on a regular basis can help keep the muscles healthy and strong.


Pain relief: You can use an NMES toner like a TENS machine to give relief to sore muscles or nerves by putting electrode pads on the outside.


No side effects: A lot of clinical studies back up the use of NMES, and the fact that it doesn’t have any side effects makes it a safe and good choice for people who want to use one.


The Pelvifine530 NMES pelvic floor toner is portable because it is small and easy to take care of. Since the Pelvifine530 pelvic floor toner runs on batteries, it’s easy to move from place to place and can help you feel better whenever and wherever you need it.


Long use: It is safe to use a Pelvifine530 pelvic floor exerciser for long periods of time. Follow the manual and instructions to keep from misusing it.


Affordable: Unlike other machines for toning the pelvic floor, Pelvifine530’s range of pelvic floor exercisers are affordable.


NMES is a method that has been shown to help both men and women with bladder weakness and incontinence.


Manage a prolapsed pelvic organ: Using NMES to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles can help keep a prolapsed pelvic organ from getting worse.


Strengthening the muscles in the pelvic floor can make orgasms happen more often and stronger during sexual activity. Men with erectile dysfunction can also feel better when their pelvic floor muscles are strong. 

What does “diastasis recti” mean?

This is what it’s called when your rectus abdominis muscles separate during pregnancy, leaving a space that lets your belly stick out. You may have a diastasis recti if you still look pregnant months after giving birth. This is how it works.

 The “six-pack muscles,” or rectus abdominis, are a pair of long, flat muscles that run vertically down each side of your abdomen. These muscles hold your organs in place and keep your core stable.

Sometimes the tissue heals, and the muscles come back together after delivery when your hormone levels return to pre-pregnancy levels. But if this doesn’t happen in three to six months, you can end up with a gap that won’t close without treatment. Studies show that about 40 percent of women have a diastasis at six months postpartum.

After pregnancy, a diastasis recti looks like a ridge or even a loaf of bread protruding from your midline. The ridge becomes more prominent when you’re straining – from coughing or sitting up, for example. It may disappear or cave in when you lie down or relax your abdominal muscles.

Product Specification:

Product Name: Biofeedback Nerve and Muscle Stimulator Model No: KM 530

Power Supply: DC.7.4V

Output Channel: Dual Channel and control separately Output waveform: Symmetric and Asymmetric waveform

Programs: 22 setting modes and 3 kinds of customized modes Output Current: 0-90mA

Main Device Size: 14cm x 6.5cm x 2cm

Weight: 180g (including battery)

Working Theory: Low frequency electronic stimulation theory

Material of probe: Medical ABS, stainless steel

Accessory: main unit, electrode probe, 3 pairs electrode pads, 2pcs white pin wires, 1 usb charging wire, 1 REF wire, user manual

Using Scope: Hospital, household or postpartum rehabilitation center


How deep should the probe be inserted into human body?

The best position to stimulate the pelvic floor muscle is to insert the vagina probe into body about 5.5cm.

When can I use it after postpartum?

It will be better if you can consult your doctor or nurse. Generally speaking, female can use it after postpartum 42 days.

When can I see the difference after training?

Generally speaking, you may feel the difference after 3 months training, but the training result is different from person to person. If you do feel the difference of your pelvic muscle after using it, you have to persist training.

Can the pelvic muscle trainer be used with many people?

The main device can be used by different people, but the probe is private for each person in order to avoid cross infection.

Additional information

Brand Name



China Mainland

Item Type

Physiotherapy Instrument



Model Number



5MError no more than ±10% or 2μV take the maximum of bothΩ

Common mode rejection ratio


Differential-mode input impedance


Transmission bands

20Hz-500Hz,precision ±10% (-3dB) (not including trapped wave)

Input noise


Maximum resolution ratio


Measurement range





Muscle strength test and therapy

function 1

Exercise your pelvic floor muscles

function 2

Repair the rectus abdominis separation

function 3

Improve vaginal relaxation

function 4

Improve the prolapse and bulging

function 5

Pelvic floor muscle strength assessment(EMG)

function 6

Body shape and Relieves physical pain

function 7

Urinary incontinence

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