Sex Reassignment Surgery: Procedure, Recovery, Risks, Cost

Sex Reassignment Surgery Procedure, Recovery, Risks, Cost

The term “gender affirmation surgery” refers to medical procedures that assist patients in transitioning to the gender that is consistent with their internal experience. Facial surgery, top surgery, or bottom surgery are all examples of possibilities that fall under the category of gender-affirming procedures. The majority of individuals who decide to have sex reassignment surgery … Read more

Gummy Bear Breast Implants Prons, Cons & Cost

Gummy Bear Breast Implants Prons, Cons & Cost

People have been excited about gummy bear breast implants for years. These extremely cohesive gel, form-stable breast implants (also termed “gummy bear” breast implants) combine the natural feel of silicone breast implants with the safety of saline breast implants. They are also known as “gummy bear” breast implants. Silicone is an element that may be … Read more

Breast Augmentation Complications Long-Short Term

Potential Breast Augmentation Complications and Risks

Getting a breast augmentation can be a complicated surgery, and complications can happen. Breast augmentation surgery that is more invasive can pose more risks and take longer to heal from. In general, the risk of a procedure goes up the more invasive it is. Before you have surgery to make your breasts bigger, talk to … Read more

Mommy Makeover: Procedure, Risks, Recovery, Costs

Mommy Makeover Procedure, Risks, Recovery, Costs

Mommy makeover: sick in the morning, weight gain, heartburn, dislikes of food, skin changes, fatigue… When you’re pregnant, you might feel like your body doesn’t belong to you anymore, but you just deal with it. Even when your life gets back to normal and your child starts sleeping, walking, talking, and going to school, your … Read more

Nipple Surgery: Candidates, Procedure, Risks & Costs

Nipple Surgery

Nipple augmentation is a plastic surgery procedure for improving nipple size and appearance in men and women. This surgery is often a follow-up procedure performed after breast augmentation, a breast lift or reconstructive surgery. The best candidates for nipple surgery include people with the following characteristics: Asymmetric nipples: Caused by breast surgery or the natural aging process that changes the shape of … Read more

laser Bra surgery: All you Need to Know (Procedure, Costs, Risks…)

laser Bra surgery All you Need to Know (Procedure, Costs, Risks…)

Laser bra breast surgery is designed to provide strong internal support to lift the breasts, and to maintain a firm and appealing position. The procedure may be used for breast reduction, breast lift, or breast augmentation. The best candidates for laser bra breast surgery are well-adjusted women whose sagging breasts cause health and medical problems, interfere with routine … Read more

The Breast Sensitivity Side Effect after Plastic Breast Surgery

Potential Breast Augmentation Complications and Risks

Alterations in breast sensitivity can occur over the course of a lifetime as a result of factors such as ageing skin, thinner skin, and a reduction in breast size. Breast sensitivity is also potentially influenced by conditions such as breast cancer. Alterations like this can also be caused by breast surgery. You should be prepared … Read more