Neck lift : All You Need to Know About Neck lift Cosmetic Surgery

Would you like more definition in your neckline? Are you concerned with wrinkling and ‘banding’ due to ageing, or do you have a fatty mass under the chin?

A neck lift can help minimise the earliest signs of ageing, though it also works well in senior patients. This is a relatively simple, minor surgery that can be performed on its own in younger patients with more elastic skin. It can address excess skin, sun damage, anterior muscle banding, a weak chin, fat deposits, jaw line jowls or prominent salivary glands. We can recommend a procedure to achieve what you want. In older patients, a comprehensive neck lift is usually best done in conjunction with a lower facelift. Without these techniques working together, there can be a noticeable contrast between treated and untreated areas.

There are a range of procedures to rejuvenate and reshape the neck:

Liposuction and Chin Augmentation

In younger patients with early jowling or little definition between chin and neck, chin augmentation may be recommended following a profile analysis. If the skin is firm, unlined and elastic, simple liposuction may be ideal, alone or combined with a chin implant.

Trampoline Platysmaplasty

This option is recommended to treat lost elasticity in the skin below the chin, and muscle across the floor of the mouth. Any excess fat is trimmed, the muscles sewn together and the skin re-draped. In some patients, this can easily be done under local anaesthetic in just 90 minutes, and can result in dramatic improvement. If needed, liposuction can complement this procedure.

Correction of Chin Ptosis or ‘Witch’s Chin’

Caused by excess muscle, skin and fat surrounding the point of the chin, this problem can easily be alleviated with a submental tuck up which will involve cutting the skin under the chin and removing and/or  tucking the excess tissue up under the chin.


There have been great advances towards minimising incisions in aesthetic surgery. while open surgery is still the gold standard, today’s techniques are less invasive, scars are shorter and more discreet, and tissue trauma is reduced without compromising aesthetic results.