Laser Hair Removal: 13 Most Asked Questions Answered

I have bleached, used hair removal creams, waxed, and tweezed for the last ten years. I had a silly fear of laser hair removal every time someone suggested it. Think about how much pain, time, and money I could have saved over the last ten years if I had only known. So said Rania, a client who had her hair removed by laser six times.

Don’t let your fear of laser hair removal and these things that Rania used to think about stop you from moving forward. We know why, which is why we’ve put together a list of answers to all the questions you might have about laser hair removal.

Why is laser the best treatment for hair removal?

Lasers can get rid of hair for good, and the results can last for a long time or even be permanent. We can get rid of the hair on your skin that has been bothering you for a long time in just a few treatments. Most laser companies recommend six to eight treatments to get rid of all the hair.

Traditional ways to get rid of hair, like waxing, shaving, depilatory creams, plucking/tweezing, sugaring, and stringing, only give short-term results, with some lasting less than 24 hours. Within hours or days, you’re back at it, hunching over a magnifying mirror to pluck out facial hair, running a razor over sensitive skin, or going through a painful waxing. Worse yet, these methods can sometimes make hair grow back!

The other methods require you to let the hair grow out a few days before each treatment, but with laser you never have to do that. As soon as you start working with Laser, you can start a life without hair where you want it.

How does the laser perform hair removal?

Lasers release light at a precise wavelength that is absorbed by hair follicle pigment without hurting surrounding skin. The light is converted to heat, which inhibits the hair follicle.

What makes a Laser treatment for hair removal easier and safer?

During a laser hair removal treatment, the Advanced Contact Cooling System will be used to keep your skin safe. The laser’s light comes out of a sapphire crystal window that is pressed against your skin. This removes the heat that gives you a “pinching” feeling as the laser pulses. The laser equipment also sends out a smooth pulse of light, which gives a steady level of energy without the sharp energy spikes that some other lasers have that hurt. During a laser treatment, you don’t feel much pain, and many clients say it’s much more comfortable than waxing, electrolysis, or even plucking.

What parts of the body can laser hair removal be used on?

Lasers hair removal can be used safely on every part of the body except for a small spot inside the ridge of bone around the eye socket.

How long does laser hair removal last?

If you want to see a big change in how much hair you have, you need to go through at least six cycles of treatment, with each session happening every four to six weeks. Even after that, some hair may grow back, and you may need touch-up treatments every six to twelve months. The rate at which hair grows back varies from person to person and is affected by a number of factors. This includes the color of the skin, the color of the hair, and where the hair is. The American Academy of Dermatology says that after each treatment, the growth of hair will slow down by 10 to 20%. Most of the melanin is taken away during the treatment, which makes the hairs that grow back much finer and less noticeable.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

Laser hair removal does produce discomfort; however, in most cases, the discomfort is far less than that caused by other methods of hair removal, including waxing. Many people have compared the sensation of having their hair removed by laser to that of a rubber band cracking on their skin.

Are you a good Candidate for Laser hair removal?

The best candidates for laser hair removal may follow aftercare guidelines and have reasonable expectations. Here are some eligibility criteria:

  • It’s simplest to cure dark hair, pale skin, and coarse hair. These people get the highest outcomes and need fewer treatments.
  • Dark-skinned people may not be ideal laser hair removal candidates, but may still benefit. Sometimes the method works.
  • Blond, grey, and red hairs are harder to laser-treat.
  • Tan patients must wait for treatment.
  • Psoriasis, cystic acne, and dermatitis aren’t good laser hair removal candidates.
  • Retin-A or Accutane users aren’t treated.
  • Pacemakers, pregnant women, and persons with metal screws in the treatment area are ineligible.
  • First-treatment hair removal isn’t always 100%. There may be multiple sessions.
If my hair is red or blonde, will hair removal with laser still work?

even blonde, Most people with blonde hair can use hair removal with laser as long as their hair is not “bleach blonde” or “platinum.” And it will usually work on red hair as long as there is some pigment for the laser to grab onto.
Some of the competitors of laser hair removal recommend electrolysis for people with these hair colors, but we only recommend it for people whose hair is completely white.

How should I get ready for hair removal with a laser?
  1. Don’t get your hair bleached: As was already said, laser hair removal works by aiming for the roots of hairs. Your hair’s color, or pigment, is at the root. The laser light is absorbed by the pigment at the root, which kills the hair for good. When you bleach your hair, you change the color of the hair, which makes it harder to find. Stop bleaching your hair six weeks before you get laser hair removal. This will give your hair roots enough time to grow back in their natural color.
  2. Don’t pluck and wax: Since laser hair removal works by targeting the roots of the hair, you can’t pluck or wax the area that will be treated for at least four to six weeks before your first appointment. It’s fine to shave as long as the root stays in place. In fact, you should shave the area where the lasers will be used before your scheduled laser appointment. Your laser appointments will be set up every eight to ten weeks, so you can wax and tweeze again after that.
  3. Shave hair-removal areas: Even though you should stop plucking and waxing the area that will be treated, you must shave it 24 to 48 hours before your appointment. Even though you can’t see your hair with the naked eye, the laser can still target the pigment in the root of the hair. Since the hair is below the skin’s surface, you need to shave the area because it makes it much less likely that you will get burned.
  4. Take off any makeup or lotions: Sometimes, the ingredients in beauty products can change how well laser hair removal works, so you should take them off before each treatment. This includes things like deodorant, makeup, lotions, ointments, and anything else that is put on the skin. To clean the skin that will be treated, just use soap and water. Make sure to rinse the area with water after using makeup remover.
Why laser hair removal over waxing and other hair removal solutions?

Laser hair removal is permanent, while shaving, waxing, and hair removal creams only work for a short time.

Waxing hurts a lot more than laser hair removal, and even though laser hair removal feels like a rubber band snapping, we’ve never had a client leave because of how it feels.

When you’re done with your laser hair removal sessions, they’re over for good. Unlike other ways to get rid of hair, you won’t have to come back once a month for years. You’ll save hundreds of hours and thousands of dirhams.

How is laser hair removal different from intense pulsed light (IPL) hair removal?

Laser technology is much more effective and gets much better results than IPL. After 4 to 8 treatments, most clients get the best results, which is permanent hair removal of 80 percent or more. But IPL machines do play an important role in treating skin problems.

Is laser hair removal expensive compared to other hair removal solutions?

Laser hair removal might be less expensive than waxing on a yearly basis. Providers frequently offer unique treatment packages that may include a charge reduction for numerous sessions or a fee reduction for treating various regions. After reviewing early outcomes, you and your physician or RN can establish the appropriate number of sessions necessary to meet your goals.

How much does laser hair removal cost in Dubai?

The cost of laser hair removal in Dubai ranges from 280 to 1200 AED per session. Laser hair removal prices vary depending on the size of the area being treated, such as the face, the bikini area, or the legs, and many other factors also impact the price of laser hair removal. If the surface area that has to be treated is relatively modest, then the cost of treatment will be lower.

The expense of the procedure tends to be significant, especially when there is a large amount of surface area that has to be treated. In order to achieve the best possible results, many laser hair removal procedures may require multiple sessions. This tends to push up the price of laser hair removal.

What are the best laser hair removal clinics and centers In Dubai?

With many laser hair removal centers in Dubai, it may be difficult to know how to choose a clinic or center where you can be confident that you will achieve the result you envision. We searched the Internet and found the best rating here: Top 10 Laser Hair Removal Clinics and Centers in Dubai.