Laser Blepharoplasty vs. Traditional Eyelid Surgery

Laser blepharoplasty is a type of surgery that many different people consider a safer alternative to traditional eyelid surgery. Laser eyelid surgery is a way to fix problems with the eyelids without making cuts. The laser “cuts” just like a scalpel, but the laser cauterizes the blood vessels, which means there is much less bleeding, the procedure is faster, and there is less chance of scarring.

This type of surgery gives you a chance to reduce signs of aging while still avoiding all of the surgical risks that are inevitable with traditional eyelid surgery. The only side effect that can result from laser blepharoplasty is a little bruising that will only last for a few days.

Laser Blepharoplasty results usually last for one or two years. Even if the surgery results do not last as long as traditional eyelid surgery results, there is always the choice to make adjustments to your face as you continue to age. In addition, this type of laser surgery is able to keep your face looking natural and more alive than normal. Even as you age, you will continue to look natural. This is sometimes not the case with traditional eyelid surgery.

Unlike traditional eyelid surgery, laser eyelid surgery does not cause your eyes to change their shape. In addition, you will not experience a hollow appearance around your eyes as a result of this type of laser eyelid surgery. Some surgeries have very undesirable results. This is not the case with laser blepharoplasty. This surgery can cost around 7000 AED, which is significantly cheaper than traditional eyelid surgery.

Traditional Eyelid Surgery

Traditional eyelid surgery usually has many different side effects that scare people way from this surgery. A person could experience scarring, anesthesia infections, and other types of infection. Since there has to be an incision made in the eyelid, there may be very visible scarring around the eyes. In addition, some people happen to experience uncomfortable scar tissue. There is major risk a damaged eye. Of course, this depends on the surgeon that performs the surgery. Other risks include lower eyelid drooping and hematoma.

Recovery usually lasts one to two weeks. During this time you will likely experience mild pain, bruising, swelling, and eye irritation. There will be some medication prescribed to help you deal with the pain. In addition, you can use eye drops and bags of ice to help speed up the recovery process.

The end result may change your natural eye shape or leave them looking stretched out. The cost of this surgery is anywhere between two thousand dollars and four thousand dollars. This does not include anesthesia fees and hospital fees. This can possibly end up costing more than the actual surgery itself. You also have to take into account any prescriptions or antibiotics that you have to take.

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