Did Karlie Redd have plastic surgery? She answered

We all know the internet is going to be the internet and people will always have something to say, so it was no surprise when fans started throwing out their opinions on Karlie Redd new look after she went live to celebrate her latest Song “Werk”, which is currently #3 on Apple Music’s Top Reggae chart with a bullet. Some even thought Karlie Redd have plastic surgery.

Karlie Song’s “Werk” recently hit the reggae charts at number One, and she took to IG live to share the good news with fans. However, it wasn’t long before the focus shifted from her good news to her good looks. Pretty soon, rumors about Karlie’s changing appearance with plastic surgery started to circulate on Twitter. One fan tweeted that she completely ruined herself, along with a screenshot from her live video next to an old photo of herself.

Karlie Redd is an American rapper, dancer, model, and reality personality who has a net worth of $1.2 million. Redd was born and raised in the state of California. Karlie Redd is perhaps most recognized for her role as a cast member on the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta season of the reality show airing on VH1. Since the show’s debut in June 2012, she has been a vital component of the ensemble cast.

While Karlie was very candid about her lip injection experience, she made it clear she has no intentions of doing it again. The loving hip-hop star stated, “Tim is always getting on me like stop the lip injections or whatever, so I’m going to stop because everyone is always talking about my face.”

However, this isn’t the first time fans started to speculate on Karlie’s changing appearance in a previous IG live uploaded on August 4th. Karlie seemingly addressed comments about her appearance in the video. She denied having done plastic surgery or anything besides lip injections and professional makeup to make her eyes look more slanted. “I have not had plastic surgery.” “I have not had surgery.” But I always make Tim do my makeup with my eyes slanted right because he has this technique that he does where he makes my eyes look like so.

Karlie also went on to address the speculation about her having a Rhinoplasty or Ethnic Nose job and insisted that her nose shape has always been the same because of her genetics. “Tim No No No, my nose has always been straight. Look at my daughter’s nose. You can tell we come from a family of straight noses.”

According to a video posted by Carleen 2020, Karlie Redd Did not have plastic surgery and her beauty secret isn’t surgery but cool laser treatments that she has done to her face. Karlie Redd answered “For those who swear I had all this plastic surgery done to my face. I have never had surgery but here’s my secret,” she wrote. “@simonourianmd1 Cool Laser Treatment done to my face. He also did my lips 👄 But NO Surgery”

the beauty Karlie Redd befor and after
the beauty Karlie Redd befor and after

Karlie uploaded a video of herself having a coolaser facial treatment done on her. According to the website of Simon Ourian, the doctor who performed the procedure on her and claims to be the mastermind behind the treatment, Coolaser is the “new facelift” and is all about putting a pause on aging without having to go under the knife. He claims that he is the mastermind behind the treatment. The Coolaser light has the ability to balance out skin colour and minimize scarring in addition to preserving a young appearance and eliminating or significantly decreasing the appearance of wrinkles.

It is not clear whether the therapy can be administered to Redd’s lips or whether it was applied to her lips, but she stated that Dr. Ourian had also worked on her mouth.

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