Intimate Area Bleaching: Benefits, Side Effects, Recovery, Cost

Do you feel embarrassed that you have darker skin “down there”? Have you ever wondered how models and movie stars get their intimate areas to look so smooth and even-toned? You are not alone. Many women and men who have darker private areas feel self-conscious about it, which can really hurt their confidence, especially in the bedroom. There is a solution, though, thanks to modern technology and medical advances: intimate area bleaching.

Why Intimate Area get darker with time?

  • Not enough fresh air: Let’s face it, your private parts are usually covered with fabrics that don’t let a lot of air pass through. Unlike other parts of the body, which often get fresh air, the skin in intimate areas can change color if it doesn’t get enough air.
  • Friction: is one of the most common reasons for darkening in the intimate areas. This can happen if you wear clothes that are too tight or underwear that doesn’t fit right. It can also be caused by everyday things like working out, having sex, or even just walking. The area can change color if you rub it a lot, but most of these things can’t be stopped.
  • Shaving Often: If you shave your private parts often, they might get a little darker over time. This is caused by chemicals in shaving creams and lotions and by how often the skin gets irritated when new hair grows back.
  • Sweating: When you sweat, the color of the intimate area can change. If you sweat a lot, you may notice that your intimate area is darker. This happens because the waste products in sweat change the color and texture of the skin over time. If you sweat a lot, you might want to clean the area often to stop too much sweat from building up.
  • Age: Believe it or not, age can affect the darkening of intimate areas. As you get older, your skin changes in elasticity, texture, and often color, too. Some parts of the body can get darker because of this. Even though this isn’t always the case, procedures like intimate lightening can really help to reverse the darkening.

What Is intimate area bleaching or lightening Treatment?

Intimate area bleaching is a process that uses natural ingredients, like fruit extracts, to lighten the intimate area. Both men and women can get this service done to make them look better. Depending on the area being treated, the process can take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes. It doesn’t hurt, make you feel bad, or irritate you. It can be done on the legs, elbows, knees, areola, bikini, underarms, inner thighs, derriere, labia, anus, and lower abdomen.

Does intimate area bleaching last?

Once the lightening application is put on, it usually lasts up to 16 weeks on average. However, results vary from person to person depending on skin type and how dark the area is. Women who are pregnant can’t get this done.

Anal bleaching is the most requested treatment, and it’s no longer just something you see in adult movies. Normal women and men are becoming more and more interested in this procedure as a way to spice up their relationships. The second most common place where this is done is on the vaginal area.

Intimate bleaching can also be done at home since it can be expensive to have a professional do it. However, the products used at home aren’t as strong as those used in spas or cosmetic centers, and doing this procedure at home can cause problems and headaches. Intimate area bleaching can be done at a spa, salon, or plastic surgeon’s office. After just one session, the patient can see results. Home bleaching products can irritate the skin and it will definitely take a lot more sessions to get the color of skin you want.

Intimate area bleaching Side effects

Using vaginal lightening products that aren’t regulated could lead to:

  • skin rashes
  • acne caused by steroids
  • scarring
  • getting thinner
  • skin ulcers

Some of the possible side effects of laser-based vaginal lightening treatments are:

  • burns
  • scarring
  • pain that doesn’t go away or pain during sex

Intimate area bleaching Benefits

  • Boosts self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Lightens the parts that are too dark.
  • Method that is effective, and cheap.
  • Results right away.

Intimate area bleaching Recovery

After an intimate bleaching procedure, the area that was bleached may be a little sore. Patients who have genital or perineal bleaching are told to wait at least 48 hours before having a sexual encounter. If not, everything can go back to normal right away. Some steps should be taken for a quick recovery:

  • To prevent skin infections, we recommends skipping sexual activities for three to five days post-treatment, even if the treated area isn’t irritated. And if the skin in the anal area is open or raw any time after treatment, you should continue to abstain.
  • Wear clothes and underwear that don’t fit too tight.
  • Stay away from scrubs, Clarisonic, Microderm crystals, washcloths, and anything else that could hurt your skin.
  • No waxing or shaving right away after treatment.
  • No hot yoga, hot saunas, or being submerged in hot water for a long time.

How much does intimate bleaching cost in Dubai?

According to Dubai Center, the service may be had at certain spas, salons, and plastic surgeons for around 1000 AED each session. Other procedures, such as the Unisex Intimate Bleaching Peel, which is provided at the office of Unimex, can cost up to 2000 AED for three sessions of thirty minutes each and are spaced out two weeks apart.