How Does the Intra Gastric Balloon Work? All you need to know

The Gastric Balloon is a straightforward apparatus for gastric surgery that is implanted into the stomach in order to induce short-term and speedy weight loss. Through the use of a camera that passes through the mouth and into the stomach, a pliable and inflatable balloon made of silicone is positioned inside the stomach of the patient. After being placed in the stomach, the balloon that was previously empty is then inflated with sterile saline.

Rapid weight loss for a short time to allow for surgery

This straightforward instrument gives surgeons the ability to induce a short and rapid period of weight loss in the candidate. This may be necessary in order to bring the candidate’s weight down to a level that is suitable for further obesity surgery, and it also gives the surgeon the ability to successfully monitor whether or not the gastric bypass would be appropriate for the candidate.

Treatment and Cure for Diabetes

Also, the short-term weight loss lets the surgeon keep an eye on the diabetes and how it affects the person to see if they are a good candidate for the Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass and if the person can expect the bypass to cure their diabetes.

The Gastric Balloon is a useful and simple device that can be put in quickly and easily without surgery. It can also be taken out of the stomach quickly and easily without causing the patient much pain.

This is a temporary restriction that is put inside the pouch of the stomach. This makes it harder to eat. It is usually used when a person has an unusually high BMI or Diabetes II. The goal is to get the person’s weight down to a safe level so they can have weight loss surgery and get rid of their Diabetes II.

How Does the Intra Gastric Balloon Work All you need to know
Placement of The Intra Gastric Balloon

What does the Intra Gastric Balloon do?

The balloon fills up a big part of the stomach, so the stomach can’t hold as much food. This gives the patient the feeling of being full and keeps them from eating too much, so they can diet without feeling hungry all the time.

How is the procedure with the intragastric balloon done?

This procedure is done by a qualified gastroenterologist who works with an anesthesiologist and trained nurses. The balloon is put in the stomach through the mouth, so surgery isn’t needed. A gastroscope, which is an endoscopic camera, is put into the stomach by the doctor. If there are no problems, the doctor puts the balloon in the stomach through the mouth, down the oesophagus, and into the stomach. Once the balloon is in the stomach, sterile saline is put into it through a small tube that is attached to the balloon. Once the balloon is full, the doctor takes out the tube by gently pulling on the end that comes out of the stomach. The balloon stays in the stomach.

After the balloon is put in place, which takes about 20 minutes, you will be watched by trained nurses in the recovery bay.

Since this is a “day-hospital” procedure, you will usually be taken back to your room a few hours after the balloon is put in. However, sometimes you will need to stay in the hospital.

How Long Does the Intra Gastric Balloon Work?

Right now, the balloon can be used for 6 months. We don’t recommend using it for longer periods of time. Over time, the stomach’s acid will break down the balloon’s material and cause it to deflate. If your doctor says you need to use the balloon for more than six months, a new balloon will be put in place six months after the first one.

While you are using the balloon, your doctor may give you a course of pills to take by mouth to lower the acid in your stomach (this may reduce the possibility of stomach irritation and damage to the balloon).

What Happens if the balloon in the stomach deflates on its own?

The doctor will put a blue dye called Methelyene Blue inside the balloon. This will change the colour of your urine, so you’ll be able to tell if your bag is starting to leak or deflate early.

The balloon is small enough to pass through the intestines and out of the body on its own, but in some cases it has had to be surgically removed from the bowel. If you think your balloon is going flat, you must tell your doctor right away.

How will the balloon in the stomach be taken out?

The balloon is taken out the same way it was put in: through the mouth and oesophagus. The doctor will use an endoscopic camera to put a catheter through the mouth and into the stomach. The balloon will then get a hole in it and lose its air. Once the balloon has lost its air, it can be picked up and taken away.

With the Intra Gastric Balloon, how much weight will I lose?

You need to know that the Gastric Balloon System is a tool to help you lose weight. It must be used with a diet, exercise, and a programme to change your habits. So, how much weight you lose will depend on how well you stick to your diet plan. How long your weight loss lasts will depend on how completely you change your eating habits and exercise habits for the long term.

What are some bad things that could happen with the Gastric Balloon?

It is likely that the balloon will make the person feel sick or make them throw up for a few days after it is put in. Your doctor will give you medicine to help lessen these possible effects.

There is a chance that you will only lose a small amount of weight or that you won’t lose any weight at all. As was already said, your willingness to make changes to your diet and behaviour is a key factor in the outcome.

There is also a chance that people will lose weight in an unhealthy way that can hurt their health. Make sure you talk to your doctor about this.

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