How do you stay healthy after bariatric surgery?

Bariatric surgery is only a tool. You must commit to a healthy lifestyle (diet, exercise, behaviors) to stay healthy after bariatric surgery forever.


Choose sugar-free, non-carbonated fluids.

Sip fluids throughout the day.

Know the signs of dehydration: headaches, dizziness, dark urine.

No caffeine until stage 4. Avoid alcohol after surgery.

Eating Behaviors

Take bites the size of a dime.

Chew, chew, chew; puree the food with your teeth.

Wait between bites to see how your stomach feels. Aim for 30-40 minute meals.

Make Eating Mindful

Avoid grazing, nibbling, and picking throughout the day.

Have regularly scheduled eating events.

When you’re eating, just eat! Avoid distractions.

Separate Fluids from Solids

Wait to drink fluids until 30 minutes after you eat solid food. It’s okay to drink before eating. Why? Eating and drinking at the same time can overfill your stomach and make you feel sick.

Plan Ahead

Life is busy now and it will be busy after surgery too. You will make healthier choices when you plan ahead. Pack food and fluids for busy days. Bring your own food to social events if you aren’t sure what will be served.

Stay Accountable

Track yourself food and beverage choices, exercise, and weight are good places to start.

Keep your appointments with the CMBS team.

Let your support team know how they can help you stay on track.

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