Gummy Bear Breast Implants Prons, Cons & Cost

People have been excited about gummy bear breast implants for years. These extremely cohesive gel, form-stable breast implants (also termed “gummy bear” breast implants) combine the natural feel of silicone breast implants with the safety of saline breast implants. They are also known as “gummy bear” breast implants.

Silicone is an element that may be found in its naturally occurring state in sand, quartz, and rock. It can also be synthesized into the forms of oils, gels, and solids.

What are Gummy Bear Breast Implants?

Silicone gel Breast implants are filled with a thick, liquid silicone gel, as the name suggests. People like them because they look and feel natural, but if the shell breaks, the gel could slowly leak out into the pocket and cause problems in the breast area.

Gel implants that are very sticky take the idea of a silicone implant one step further. They are made as a solid mass of silicone gel by adding a cross-linker to the liquid gel to make the molecules stick together more tightly.

The result has a similar texture and feel to the small, rubbery, gelatin-based candies called “gummy bears,” which is where the name comes from. If you cut a wedge out of a cohesive gel implant, it will keep its shape. This is why these devices are called more “form stable” than their silicone gel cousins, which are not as cohesive. In other words, even if the shell breaks, the gel won’t move. This is seen as a plus for safety.

The Food and Drug Administration has given its approval to three gel implants that are exceedingly adhesive. These breast implants are the Natrelle 410, which is manufactured by Allergan; the Sientra series of implants; and the MemoryShape, which is manufactured by Mentor (formerly known as CPG).

Are Gummy Bear Breast Implants better than Traditional Silicone Implants?

The silicone particles that make up the Gummy Bear implant are cross-linked, which gives it a more firm base and holds it entirely together. This is the fundamental difference between traditional implants and gummy bear implants. Traditional implants are made of uncross-linked silicone particles. This makes it easier for them to develop the teardrop shape, which is a close approximation of the way natural breasts look. Simply said, gummy bear implants are more durable, can better maintain their form, and have a more natural feel to them when touched.

Pros and Cons of gummy bear breast implants
Look and Feel of Gummy Bear Breast

Reduced Potential for Capsular Contracture:

When scar tissue contracts around breast implants, a condition known as capsular contracture can develop. Capsular contracture is a condition that can be both uncomfortable and possibly disfiguring. Nobody knows for sure what caused it. Studies indicate that capsular contracture occurs less frequently with cohesive gel breast implants than it does with other types of implants; however, the verdict is still out on this topic. Countries such as Canada and some European nations are examples of countries where cohesive gel breast implants have been available for some time.

Retain the Shape and Feel:

Not only do highly cohesive, form-stable gel implants feel soft and supple, but they also keep their anatomical shape (a teardrop) well and their edges blend into the surrounding breast tissue, which results in a very natural contour of the breasts. This type of implant is ideal for women who want a more natural appearance in their breasts.

There will be no leaks:

The shell of a breast implant can become compromised by fold lines, which can lead to a rupture. Shells of more flexible saline and silicone gel implants are more likely to break than shells of cohesive gel implants, even though cohesive gel implant shells are theoretically capable of cracking open. In the event that it breaks, the cohesive gel filler will keep its form and will not seep out.

No apparent Implant Line:

Because the gel does not move from one part of the implant to another, as it happens with the more water-balloon-like saline implants, form-stable implants do not have folds or rippling in their surfaces.

Very cohesive, form-stable Gel:

Because they are so form-stable, “Gummies” cause the breast to take on the shape that they have. As a consequence of this, a lady and her surgeon need to be on the same page about the form and Shape that they want to achieve. The shape of the cohesive gel implant in the form of a tear drop is not the ideal choice for those who want their breasts to have a more round appearance. It’s possible that this will be an issue for some women, as highly cohesive, form-stable gel implants have a harder feel than their relatives, silicone gel implants.

larger incision Size:

Again, in contrast to saline implants, cohesive gel implants cannot be compressed to fit through very small incisions because of their form-stable nature. In most cases, the insertion of a gummy bear implant requires an incision measuring between 1 34 and 2 14 inches (4.5 to 5.5 cm) in length. Because of this, an inframammary incision (one that is made in the fold under the breast) is the option that is most likely to be selected. A periareolar incision (one that is made around the areola) or a TUBA incision (one that is made around the belly button) is generally not an option. A transaxillary incision (one that is made in the armpit) is also very difficult.

Rotation probability:

Implants that are anatomically formed, like the gummy bear implant, protrude more on the bottom than on the top to simulate the contour of a real breast. A distorted look can be caused by an anatomical implant that rotates because the pocket that holds it is too loose. This is something that does not happen with circular implants. This is regarded to be an uncommon but probable issue that, in order to address, requires further breast augmentation revision surgery.

How long does Gummy Bear Implants last?

Gummy bear implants can last for up to 20 years in some people, with only approximately 20 percent of recipients requiring removal of the implant after 10 years or fewer. In many cases, this will be the one and only time in a person’s life that they will require breast augmentation surgery. The standard saline and silicone treatments often keep their most desirable look for an average of ten years.

How much is Gummy Bear Implants in Dubai?

It is quite likely that the price of the Gummy Bear Implants will be higher than that of other silicone gel implants, which are currently significantly more expensive than saline implants.

Breast implant costs can vary widely. Factors that contribute to the price include the type of breast implant used, where you live, surgery-related expenses (like anesthesia), and your cosmetic surgeon’s fees. The average Price in Dubai is between 20,000 and 28,000 AED.