Sex Reassignment Surgery: Procedure, Recovery, Risks, Cost

Sex Reassignment Surgery Procedure, Recovery, Risks, Cost

The term “gender affirmation surgery” refers to medical procedures that assist patients in transitioning to the gender that is consistent with their internal experience. Facial surgery, top surgery, or bottom surgery are all examples of possibilities that fall under the category of gender-affirming procedures. The majority of individuals who decide to have sex reassignment surgery … Read more

Dimple Surgery: Candidates, Side Effects, Recovery, Cost

Dimple Surgery Candidates, Side Effects, Recovery, Cost

Dimple surgery, also known as dimple creation surgery or dimpleplasty, is an elective cosmetic surgical treatment that is done to produce dimples on the face. Other names for this operation include dimple creation surgery and dimpleplasty. When certain people smile, they develop little depressions in the apples of their cheeks known as dimples. Dimples are … Read more

Facelift: With and Without Surgery, Risks, Recovery, Cost

Facelift With and Without Surgery, Risks, Recovery, Cost

Although injectables and fillers can help put the brakes on facial aging, they are not suitable replacements for a conventional facelift (rhytidectomy). A stem cell facelift is similar in that it involves the injection of fat in order to give volume to an aging face, but it does not produce the same level of lift … Read more

Facial Liposuction: Candidates, Recovery, Risks, and Costs

Facial Liposuction Candidates, Recovery, Risks, and Costs (1)

Although liposuction is most often known for its use in body contouring, an increasing number of board-certified plastic surgeons are also finding that facial liposuction yields outstanding outcomes for their patients. The cheeks, chin, neckline, and jawline are the parts of the face that are most frequently treated. Facial liposuction, which is also known as … Read more

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