Canthopexy: Things you Need to Know

There are several different types of cosmetic eye lid surgery. One type of cosmetic eye lid surgery is asian eye lid surgery. This procedure is a type of Blepharoplasty. This type of surgery is given it’s name due to the fact that more than half of all Asians are born with no fold in their upper eye lid. The lack of a fold in the upper eyelid is referred to as a “single eye lid”. On top of usual blepharoplasty procedure, asian eye lid surgery adds a fold to the upper eyelid. Having a fold in the upper eye lid is known as having a “double eye lid”. This achieves a rounder and larger appearance to the eyes.

During Surgery: This appearance is achieved during the procedure by taking out a small amount of excess skin, fat pads, and bits of skin tissue. the surgeon will make an incision on the upper eyelid that follows the line of the horizontal folds of the eye. It is an ideal complement to blepharoplasty, using the same incisions, and can refresh and rejuvenate the look of your eyes. It is important that the surgeon is familiar with asian characteristics in this procedure so that he or she knows where to place the crease, where to make incisions and how much tissue and/or fat to remove from the eye lid. This is a simple and speedy procedure. Most of the time, this is an outpatient procedure.

After surgery: you should expect the crease to be in a higher position than one would want it. With time and healing, the crease will start to fall into place where it should be. This can take up to a month.

Discoloration, bruising, and swelling should be expected in the week following your procedure. You can catalyze the healing process by following all instructions given to you by your surgeon. Again, when searching for the surgeon that is right for you, consider that for this procedure the surgeon should be well-versed in the asian double eye lid cosmetic procedure and asian characteristics.

No matter what age or sex, we are all subject to aging. Signs of aging, even in middle-age, can start to change the way our eyes, smiles, and faces in general convey our emotions. These changes can also be hard ones to face and may change the way you feel about yourself. It is because of this that many people throughout the world turn to plastic surgery and blepharoplasty procedures. If you are considering blepharoplasty, you should first learn about the options available to you. There are two methods that can be used to perform any of the types of eye bag removal or cosmetic eye lid surgery.

The procedure, known as Canthopexy, can be performed under local anesthetic, taking from one to three hours. In very lax eyelids, it may form part of a lower eyelid tuck or blepharoplasty. This raises the external corners of sagging eyes, and can partially correct asymmetry caused by facial paralysis. It will also tighten lax lower eyelids and correct eversion (rounding of the lower eyelid). If you feel your eyes are too rounded due to hyperthyroidism or other factors, the surgery can create a more almond shape.

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