Mommy Makeover: Procedure, Risks, Recovery, Costs

Mommy Makeover Procedure, Risks, Recovery, Costs

Mommy makeover: sick in the morning, weight gain, heartburn, dislikes of food, skin changes, fatigue… When you’re pregnant, you might feel like your body doesn’t belong to you anymore, but you just deal with it. Even when your life gets back to normal and your child starts sleeping, walking, talking, and going to school, your … Read more

Male Liposuction: Candidates, Recovery, Risks, and Costs

Male Liposuction in Dubai

One of the most common and popular kinds of cosmetic surgery for both men and women is considered liposuction. The removal of undesirable fat deposits from localized parts of the body is the primary objective of liposuction procedures. Male liposuction is frequently performed on males to cure a variety of cosmetic issues, including enlarged male … Read more

Abdominal Etching: All about Abdominal Etching Surgery

Abdominal Etching All about Abdominal Etching Surgery

The removal of fat from the abdominal area with abdominal etching goes farther than traditional liposuction. This surgery is designed to offer you a flatter, more toned stomach area with clearer definition of your abdominal muscles. In addition, abdominal etching is not the same as abdominoplasty. In contrast, abdominal etching simply involves the removal of … Read more

Combination Treatment Plans for Plastic Surgery

Combination Treatment Plans for Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery often involves more than one procedure at the same time. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 34 percent of Dubai plastic surgery patients in 2019 had several procedures at once. Here are three common reasons for combining treatments: In today’s busy environment, people are looking for ways to be more time-efficient. Having multiple … Read more